This week in Austin, as well as across the country, a diatribe of patriotic prep reverberates across the city-scape. It’s widespread, infectious, and heartwarming. The excitement of fireworks typically lingers in the back of youthful minds while older generations look onward to lawn chairs, cold beverages and a procurement of the best yard games currently on the market. Flags unfurled upon household banisters. Coolers, filled to the brim with ice, wait leisurely for the contents within to be ravaged by thirsty patriots. The growing anticipation to celebrate the red, white, and blue is masked only by a desire to cook generous quantities of food for both friends and family. It will be no different at Fixe as our Team will be out enjoying the holiday right alongside the rest of the United States.

Although the restaurant will be closing, we hope that our celebration of “soul” will spread throughout the day’s festivities. Whether connected through blood or the common belief of constructing delicious home-made meals, our restaurant was built specifically around inherent values of family dining. And, it is without question that the soul behind Fixe’s Southern ideology stems from this country’s astounding adherence to national camaraderie. No doubt celebrations across the country will be looking to promote a firm standing of congruent feasting among a myriad of fantastic patriotism.

Cooking, especially Southern cooking is made to be shared. It’s meant to unite with its rich culinary heritage and fill any stomach no matter the size. Fixe’s kitchen team understands this as many of them will perform their trade outside of the workplace. As such, resident in-house Chef James Robert suggests the following:

Deviled Eggs

6ea                  Eggs, hard-boiled

½ cup              Mayonnaise

1 TBSP           Yellow mustard

1 TBSP           Dijon mustard, Maille brand

1 tsp                Kosher salt

1/8 tsp             Espelette pepper

1/8 tsp             Paprika

1/8 tsp             Black pepper

  • Slice 1/8” off of bottom of each hard-boiled egg, creating flat surface.
  • Turn eggs onto their sides and slice off tops at an angle.
  • Carefully scoop out hard-boiled yolks.
  • In bowl of electric mixer, combine yolks with all remaining ingredients.
  • With whip attachment, whip yolk mousse til light & fluffy.
  • Taste mousse, adjust salt slightly if necessary.
  • Transfer mousse to a piping bag.

To assemble:

  • Stand eggs upright.
  • Fill each egg with mousse from piping bag.
  • At Fixe, we finish the eggs with smoked trout roe & grated tasso ham.
  • Traditionally, the eggs would get a dusting of paprika.
  • Chopped chives, extra virgin olive oil, or white truffle-flavored olive oil are also great options.

The Fourth of July is a special time to be grateful for our freedoms. A time to celebrate family and friends. A day to break bread with everyone across the nation in remembrance of our country’s independence. That being said, the entire team at Fixe wishes y’all a happy Fourth. Enjoy the day, eat to your hearts content, and celebrate responsibly. Be sure to stop by the restaurant sometime during the week in case you didn’t get your fixe — see what we did there — of home cooking during the weekend festivities.