The quiet ambiance upon entering a bar prepping for the coming weekend onslaught is one sprinkled with methodical preparations. Quiet, peaceful, awaiting the coming storm, Fixe’s bar staff preps fervently while still maintaining adherent to southern values. Locally grown fresh fruits line the countertop while small wooden casks slowly ferment house made summer cocktails. Built from the ground up, Fixe’s Whiskey Smash is a perfect symbiosis of fresh juice and small batch whiskey.

First appearing in the early cocktail books of the 1860’s, the Whiskey Smash has solidified itself as one of the best seasonal cocktails. So much so that it has grounded itself by legendary Bartender Dale DeGroff as the whiskey drink for the non-whiskey drinker. Not so much a new take on the classic, Fixe’s version of the Smash remains adherent to only utilizing seasonal ingredients, keeping this cocktail cool, crisp and collected. No additives. No preservatives. Just a good old fashioned cocktail built fresh, served cold.

Surviving Austin’s grueling summer humidity is much easier with a cold southern cocktail. With great care and attention to detail, each bartender works tirelessly to create refreshing craft cocktails. Not diluted by over sugary shelf mixers, the Whiskey Smash is a perfect segue into the summer months. As the ice slowly melts it is hard not to throw these back in rapid succession. If you find yourself at one of Fixe’s happy hours, take your time and enjoy the subtle hints of mint rapidly infusing itself into the cocktail’s citrusy foundation. Shaken sternly to create a light top foam only adds to the drinks overall texture. As smooth as it is stern, Fixe’s Smash will quench any summertime thirst.